Ciciban 82 6395 Buggy Rosa

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Made with care and quality in Slovenia.

Earn up to 75 points.

Buggy New Style with arch support, fully leather and flexible rubber sole.

A new feature of the Fall / Winter collection is the Buggy line, which is a major step in developing the flexibility and comfort of the shoe itself. Flexible and soft materials give the shoe extra flexibility and lightness, allowing softer and more comfortable walking, more freedom of movement and the possibility of natural foot development. Soft and supple leather breathes, while maintaining the durability of the shoe and protecting it from the weather. The shoe sole extends high across the front of the shoe so it protects children’s toes and of course the shoe. The minimalist look, clean lines and natural materials add a slightly nostalgic style to the look of the shoe, but still follows fashion trends. Buggy is a soft shoe that retains its appearance while wearing and does not lose its shape.




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    Ciciban 82 6395 Buggy Rosa
    Original price was: $149.95.Current price is: $119.96.Select options