Ciciban footwear combines decades of orthopedic consultation, manufacturing experience, research, development, careful design, and plenty of love.

Ciciban places the quality of its shoes, the comfort they bring to our young customers, and the peace of mind they bring to their parents and caregivers above all else. Our littlest customers’ healthy foot development is our most important business principle.

We use only the finest natural materials that are prepared and processed with utmost regard for the environment. We continually seek out and invest in new technologies and processes that help us maintain our position of a leadership in areas of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Our design teams consult with leading medical professionals and utilize the latest Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing tools to realize extremely complex and intricate designs. However, our footwear is still made by hand, by a well-trained and motivated staff with decades of shoemaking experience.

Ciciban’s primary production facility is still located in the heart of Europe, in the border town of Miren, a place with over a hundred years of shoemaking history.



We manufacture more than 750,000 pairs of children’s each year which makes Ciciban one of the largest children’s footwear manufacturers in the world.

Ciciban shoes can be found on store shelves throughout Europe, in North America and Australia.

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