Ciciban footwear is made from natural leather produced in an environment-friendly way and coloured with water-soluble colours. In order to maintain the original quality of materials and appearance of the footwear it is necessary a correct and careful care of footwear with a properly shoes cosmetics and a correct way to putting on your shoes. In order to maintain easier the quality of Ciciban footwear we recommend you some practical advice for the best care and protection of your shoes.


The shoes from smooth leather should be first clean with a brush or a patch to remove the remains of the old shoe cream. Then apply a little polishing cream with a brush and leave it to soak in. When the shoes are dry, brush them.


At first clean a dry shoe with a brush for cleaning nubuck and for more persistent dirt use a soft gum rubber, so that the material keeps it character. With a special rubber brush you can cover damaged parts and with the nerrow edge you can reach more unaccessible parts. To protect your shoes from rain use the impregnation spray. You have to use it before you wear shoes for the first time and you have to leave them to dry well after the application. You should use the impregnation spray twice a week.


The patent leather shoes need to be clean with a cream or liquid for patent leather shoes, but first wipe the dust with a soft cloth. You cannot apply the cream with a brush, because you can damage the upper layer. When the cream soaks in, use a soft cloth for polishing.


First brush sports shoes when they are dry and remove stains with a rubber. At the end apply the impregnation spray to protect your shoes from moisture.


All the footwear need to be protect from rain, snow, mud and stains with a protection spray or cream in order to be resistant to moisture and to maintain its elasticity.

You should be careful when drying already wet shoes. They have to be dry at a room temperature and you should not expose them to direct sources of high temperature (for example stove, radiator, …), because they will lose their softness and flexibility. You also should not dry shoes on sun, because they will lose their colours. It is also recommendable to put some newspaper into shoes to take away the superfluous moisture and to keep their correct shape.


You should use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes so that shoes can keep their correct and fine form for a long time. If you have not a shoehorn when putting on your shoes push your toes forward first, and then follow with your heel. Do not press with your heel on the leather edge of the shoe because you might damage it and the heel cap.

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