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Ciciban Kids Shoes specialises in quality children’s footwear for the Australian Market. The Ciciban brand is unique and is a premium European product. Our shoes are for parents who want the best for their children’s feet.

Ciciban and Balocchi shoes – Naturally, the best choice for baby

High Quality Italian Leather

Our Ciciban and Balocchi baby shoes have an anatomical shape (arch support) and a specific formation to offer freedom, protection, comfort and stability for healthy growing little feet.

Correct foot development contributes to healthy spine development and correct posture. Baby feet therefore, deserve our greatest attention.

Foot bones are made of cartilage and arches are not yet fully developed, and it will take quite some time until little feet take shape. In the meantime there are correctly shaped little shoes that gently embrace and protect little feet, allowing your baby to make its first unsteady but healthy steps, and then ever larger ones with Ciciban or Balocchi shoes.

Naturally, you want only the best for your baby.