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When it comes to little ones, we know their tiny feet require extra love and attention, especially as they take their first steps. That’s why choosing the right shoes for them is incredibly important. 

At Ciciban Kids Shoes, we firmly believe that our footwear fosters the healthy and proper development of children’s feet. Taking care of those little feet is our utmost priority, backed by decades of experience, knowledge, continuous development, and collaboration with experts.

What sets Ciciban’s shoes apart is our dedicated development department, where we continuously improve our products, starting from initial concepts to the final masterpiece. By partnering with local nurseries and schools, we have the opportunity to test each model, in all sizes, directly on children’s feet before introducing them to the market. 

Ciciban shoes are specifically designed for children, from the tiniest sizes to larger ones. We recognize that each child’s foot is unique and special. Our mission is to promote the healthy development of children’s feet, and we accomplish this through regular collaboration with renowned experts.

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