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kids shoes

About Us

Ciciban Kids Shoes specialises in quality children’s footwear for the Australian Market. The Ciciban brand is unique and is a premium European product. Our shoes are for parents who want the best for their children’s feet.

Our aim at Ciciban Kids Shoes, is to work around the foot, not the shoe for the ideal fit while remaining stylish.

We will provide you with individualised professional fitting and advice for your child.

Ciciban Kids Shoes has fabulous range of footwear for children 9 months to 12 years.

Babies attempt their first steps when they are around 9-18 months old and bravely set out to explore the world. Throughout this journey, Ciciban Kids Shoes supports them with shoes made from natural and soft materials that, gently help them make the first unsteady steps in a safe and secure manner.

We are aware that every child’s foot is unique. The healthy development of children’s feet is our priority, which we also aim to achieve by working with renowned foot-care experts. The love and care for children’s feet is the value that connects us and at the same time drives us to make new discoveries, to upgrade our experience and to set our standards higher to create quality children’s footwear.

With their arch support, stability, flexibility, design and natural materials, Ciciban shoes encourage healthy foot development as they fit little feet superbly, offering them support, protection and freedom all at the same time.

Experience the personalized service and value at Ciciban  Kid’s Shoes Carlton.

We care for your children’s feet!